Dentist Chatham

Have a look at what some of our patients have to say about their experiences in our office!

I’ve been with this practice since it started over 25 years ago. No one loves going to the dentist, but this is as close as I can get to enjoying the experience. First, the staff is excellent, professional, friendly, skilled. Second, the office is beautiful, and maintained this way forever! Third and not least, they have taken great care of my dental health. They are very thorough, and if you are not used to that it can be a surprise. Meaning they are going to go through everything regarding your dental health and develop a treatment plan, not just you drop in for a cleaning and goodbye. The other thing is not everything is covered under my dental insurance (which isn’t that great anyway), so I always end up paying a few dollars. But I am more than happy to do so, because I’d rather invest in top-notch, full-service, modern dental care. My father, husband, and best friend all go here as well. So if you want long-term overall dental care, this place is great!
– Tracy D.

This is the best dental experience ever. Dr. Bowden is very knowledgeable and his staff is very pleasant I have had serval procedures done here now and they have all been very comfortable. Next step BRACES!!!! He has the newest and best technology and also a beautiful art gallery. I recommend him to all my family and friends!!!
– Aina B.

Amazing environment and Amazing people. I thank God I found this office in my neighborhood. From the time I checked in to the time I checked out, it was an incredible experience and world class service. I actually forgot I was at the dentist. They offered me juice, coffee or bottled water. I choose apple juice while filling out my paperwork on the iPad. When I made it to the room to see the dentist, to my surprise they had cable TV and they offered to play my favorite genre of music while I received service. This began to feel more like being at a friends house with all the technology. Dr. Bowden came into the room did an exam and to my surprise took pictures of my teeth and showed me exactly what was wrong. They focused on educating me about my dental health. I didn’t feel as if I was on an assembly line like at the other dental offices I had visited. I also had my teeth cleaned by Iris the hygienist. She was very gentle. I am scheduled to get my implant next week and surprisingly I can’t wait.
– Kimberly H.